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Shawl Neck Cardigans

Written by Stephen Fogg


Posted on December 19 2013

I haven't blogged in a minute, mostly because I just brought home this bundle of joy, Otto von Bismark:

And here's Maddie giving him the side eye: 

So, briefly I wanted to talk about Shawl Neck Cardigans. It's been actually quite nippy here in LA and I broke out this vintage red shawl neck cardigan for Christmas party we went to and I forgot how BEAUTIFUL it is. 

I threw it on over a t-shirt and it was instant CLASSY! There's something about the cut of a shawl neck cardigan that makes you feel/look smarter, richer, more sophisticated. It's a great alternative to wearing a coat, offers warmth and gives you infinite layering options. FashionBeans recommends (as do I) layering over a denim jacket (CUTE! I'm so doing that...) or Oxford shirt and V-neck sweater.






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