My Edgy Valentine

Written by Stephen Fogg


Posted on February 06 2014

Do you ever feel like saying "I Love You" without the sappiness or the cliche of roses and chocolate?  How about something that implies love but says, "You Rock!"  Maybe it's time you mixed things up a bit and get him something totally different.  We love these industrial heart romance necklaces from King Baby.  They are the perfect blend of the quality of fine jewelry with a masculine hard edge.  This jewelry is all hand made in Santa Monica California and is all .925 sterling silver.  The Industrial Heart necklace is a heavy piece of jewelry with a thick 24" chain so it's not for the subtle or the faint of heart.  The Corazon De Luz charm is more subtle - a smaller scared heart pendant on a 24" onyx bead chain. Whichever piece you like, both pieces make a statement and and would never be promoted by Jane Seymour - that's a good thing.  

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