Brick & Mortar Trending: Motocross

Written by Stephen Fogg


Posted on August 25 2014

Motocross, a runway trend from a couple years ago, has made it’s way to mainstream and is showing up in a big way this year. We couldn’t be more excited! Last week at Project (the twice yearly fashion event for contemporary menswear in Vegas) we saw motocross elements in everything from jeans and jackets to sweatpants and sweaters. The motorcycle influence was clearly on-trend.

Motocross Trend 

Motocross is the bad-ass brother of biker style. The biker jacket has always been an edgy statement of coolness; a classic piece that says “I’m awesome”. It was a big hit last year and is still rocking this fall/winter. Look for the asymmetrical zipper, zipped sleeves, and epaulettes for the classic “kick-ass” look. Motocross differs slightly. Some elements, like leather and zipped sleeves, remain the same, but look for reinforced shoulders, side panels, and ribbed stitching on the sleeves. The wide lapel of the biker jacket is done away with for the thin mandarin style collar that fastens at the neck with a strap or button.

Motocross Jacket vs Biker Jacket 

Motocross inspired pants are the statement piece for many of the lines we saw. Marc Jacobs has done some very literal racing pants, with blocked panels and big graphic treatments. But the more subtle elements have crept into other designers’ collections, and we love it. In denim, look for blocking and panels, as well as stitched, reinforced knees and a slim fit throughout. The overall look is tough and structured. In joggers and sweatpants, those same elements really elevate the look. Zippers near the cuff, blocked stitching and patched knees bring the motocross look to life.

Motocross Pants 

Keep an eye out for elements of motocross in sweatshirts and shirts too. Reinforced, padded detailing on sweatshirts; panels on hoodies with zippers running up the side, back and sleeves.  I bought a really cool black sweatshirt in Sweden this summer that has subtle reinforced padding across the chest and flanking the sides. It makes me feel like I’m wearing armor (without the weight I would assume.)

My Moto Sweatshirt 

I think motocross is an easy trend to integrate into your wardrobe. Pick a piece that your comfortable with and just go for it. Try a new fabrication, like neoprene (HUGE for next year, fyi). Just keep in mind, motocross is inspired by bikers and motocross gear, which is made to protect the body and fit like second skin. So your motocross inspired look should fit right and be tailored to your body; slim, tailored and comfortable.



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