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The Checked Pattern

Written by Stephen Fogg


Posted on October 20 2014

The check pattern (gingham, plaid, tartan) has been around for centuries, so it’s great to see this classic look back in street fashion in a big way! For a while, the plaid shirt was a symbol of rednecks and geeks, but it’s found way back onto the main stage and is showing up everywhere from shirts and pants to blazer and detailing. And with so many variable in the check pattern, there’s bound to be something for everyone!


After seeing the checked pattern on the runway at so many of the shows this last season (well not seeing them in person, just in other blogs and magazines J) it was no surprise to see so many brands incorporating them into their fall/winter looks. And in the tradition of everything old becomes new again, it’s a subtle nod to 90’s fashion; the best of grunge! Let’s take a look at some of the differences.


Block Checks

One of the big (literally) trends of the checked pattern this season is big, block checks. Look for wide checks with classic base colors of black and grey. These make excellent, audacious statement pieces in blazers and jackets. Pair it with solid chinos or jeans and tee and let the check stand out!



We all know plaid. It instantly speaks of woodsman and the outdoors, flannel and lumberjacks. It’s a beautiful, masculine pattern and has become a versatile classic. So it’s not just for the outdoors anymore! Plaid traditionally consists of vertical and horizontal lines of multiple colors that cross each other (with 2 major base colors). Look for plaid dress shirts and pair them with a solid bowtie. Layer a plaid shirt over a long tee and pair it with denim and boots for a classic fall look.



Gingham checks have been super popular for the last couple years. And while you might remember this pattern from your grandmother’s tablecloth, gingham is a classy, subtle way to bring the checked pattern into your wardrobe. This tight, square check design consists of two colors; white and a contrast color. The most versatile of the patterns, pair it with everything! Get creative and experiment with mixing patterns (gingham being a slightly more subtle pattern, the chances of looking trendy rather than crazy are much better!)


The check pattern is here to stay. Fun, versatile, masculine; it can be a head-to-toe look or just add a needed touch of pattern and color to an outfit. There really is something for everyone, and very little risk! Enjoy!





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