Denim on Denim!

Written by Stephen Fogg


Posted on December 03 2014

With this rain we’ve had, it’s actually feeling like fall here in Los Angeles! So let’s talk denim (which also feels very fall!) Specifically, let’s talk denim on denim. “You can’t wear denim on denim,” says your Grandmom. Fashion has changed! (Serial Mom reference) There are a couple tricks and tips for successfully pulling off denim on denim, so that you don’t end up looking like Britney & Justin at the AMA’s.


Acceptable Denim fits for Men


First though, let’s talk a little about denim fits and selection. (I found this great men's fit image online. These are acceptable fits!)


If you haven’t noticed by now, we’re in the era of slim and skinny fit jeans. (Please reserve your mom jeans for gardening or house cleaning.) In a recent trip to London, I swear to god, everyone had on painted on jeans. And of course I bought a pair. So, if you’re planning on wearing REALLY skinny jeans, try pairing it with an oversized or extra long shirt. This will help create a nice balance in your look. If your shirt is too fitted and your jeans are too skinny, you run the risk of looking off-trend and absurd. You’ve been warned.


How to wear skinny jeans


  • If you’ve been wearing boot-cut or relaxed cut jeans, try a pair of straight or slim leg as opposed to skinny. The truth of the matter is that a slimmer fit makes for a more refined silhouette.
  • Try denim with a little stretch in it. Almost every label we’ve seen lately offers a slim fit jean with stretch. This way you can achieve a slim silhouette without losing the comfort of denim.
  • Watch out for embellishment. Too much going on in the pockets screams 2004. But don’t get that confused with distressed, ripped, patched and pieced denim work, which is very on trend for 2015.
  • Try a cuff! Try a little cuff and boat shoes. Try a big cuff and boots. Remember that 80’s roll we used to do on our pants? Try that too with a pair of Vans.
  • And always, if in doubt, go dark. A dark pair of denim will never do you wrong.


Play with weight and wash Men's Denim


OK Now onto, denim on denim. Assuming you have the perfect pair of jeans, how should you pair denim shirts, jackets or vests? My first recommendation is play with color! Play with weights and wash. Denim comes in so many shades, so if you’re wearing a dark denim jean, pair it with a light denim or chambray shirt. Black jeans pair with a grey denim jacket. White jeans pair with a denim shirt, and so on and so on.


The number one thing to avoid is wearing denim that’s all the same weight or wash. (ala the Canadian Suit) You don’t want to look too matched when matching denim.


Break up denim by layering


Try pairing distressed denim jeans with a crisp denim shirt over a graphic or colored tee. Layering with denim is a great way to incorporate this look. You can break up the eye by making sure the tee your wearing hangs low below the denim vest or jacket you have on. Throw on a tank under a denim shirt, and wear it like a shacket! (That’s a shirt jacket)


And, as always, have fun, and feel confident. If you have those two things going on, you can never go wrong!


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