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Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger - Bad Ass Bags

Written by Stephen Fogg


Posted on March 25 2015

One of our favorite accessories this year has got to be bags from Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger (M.R.K.T.). 

M.R.K.T. is about the thriving urban streets of the world, where creativity radiates, unconventional ideas are tested, and uniqueness is encouraged. Their brand was founded in 2010 by a Harvard trained architect as a way to challenge conventional fashion trends. By creating bags and accessories inspired by architectural concepts of clean and pure forms derived from function, structure, and experimental geometry, their aim is to push the boundaries of design and function.

“Our products are designed very similarly to how I would design a building. They are conceptual, practical, flexible, and very clean. Our inspiration comes mainly from architectural practices mixed with classic bag design.”

- Tom Pen, Founder

We first started carrying them at their inception to the market last year and were super impressed by their cool lines and unique textures. All of their bags are made from really cool materials: VEGN Leather, SMRT Felt (100% Recyclable material) and MCRO Leather (alternative to animal leather). And they really know how to use their color palette (think: light greys with pops of neon yellow)

A new material that is unique to their SS15 collection is SUPR felt which is a pile and water resistant felt creating the ultimate structure and durability. SUPR felt has been in the making for the past 2 years and is now ready to be released into the market making M.R.K.T. the first company worldwide to have this pile resistant felt. 

We're super excited to be carrying M.R.K.T. and hope you love them as much as we do!




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