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Posted on November 13 2015

By Jose Hernandez

Sunday brunch in West Hollywood is like going to church in the South. Great food, drinks, and company make it a great opportunity to catch-up with friends. Not to mention that it can be the gateway drug to Sunday Funday. There are several hot spots that offer brunch over the weekend. These can be broken down into three main categories:

  1. The trendy hot spots – where you go to see and be seen
  2. The casual “recovery” spots – where you go to recover from the night before
  3. Brunch with a show (typically a drag show) – where you go when you just didn’t get your fix over the weekend and need an extra dose of fun

For a trendy hot spot, dressing to impress is the name of the game. The trick is to impress without looking like you’re trying too hard. A general guideline for putting together this kind of outfit is finding balance. Even though the restaurant vibe may be more upscale, it is understood that brunch is a more relaxed activity. Pair a nicer, more formal garment, with a more casual one. For example, a button down looks great with jeans, shorts, or khakis. It can look great with sneakers, motorcycle boots, or loafers.

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If your outfit is looking too casual, but don’t have time to find something more formal to balance the look, grab a sports jacket. A dress jacket paired with a t-shirt and jeans can look chic and effortless.

A solid color t-shirt, paired with edgy pants can also work great. Paired with a trendy jacket, it can definitely build up a very fashionable look.

If you had a long night and you’re recovering at a casual spot, go for comfort without compromising your style. A great graphic tee with jeans and flip flops or sneakers can be great option.

Jeans and T-Shirt, Style, Men's

For a fun drag brunch, take advantage and turn up the fab factor. Fun colors and cheeky graphic tees fit right in within this ambiance. Usually the vibe in these establishments is still very casual, but there is definitely more energy.

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As far as a color palette for all three environments, it’s recommended to opt for lighter colors. Darker colors are fine, but going too dark can make it seem that you are still wearing the outfit from last night.

If you’re wondering about accessories, here are a few suggestions that could be helpful:

  • Necklaces: If you’re wearing a print, go for a very simple design. Otherwise, wear a solid color shirt. Again, it’s all about balance and directing attention to where you want it.
  • Bracelets: Coordinate them with the vibe of the outfit. It you’re going for a rock & roll look, silver or steel accents are great. If your look is more sophisticated, gold is always a great option. If you do not like bracelets, but want some wrist candy, opt for a metallic watch.

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Wherever you decide to spend your Sunday morning/early afternoon, remember to have fun and enjoy the company. If you want to share your Sunday brunch style with us, use the hashtag #brickandmortarsundaybrunch and we’ll repost some of the best styles out there! Cheers!



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    Great suggestions! I’ll keep an eye out to make sure my boys are lookin good ;)

    Posted by Amanda | November 13, 2015
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