Brick & Mortar Trends: Camo

Written by Stephen Fogg


Posted on August 27 2013

Camo is a trend that has been getting more and more popular with each season. We've seen it move from the runway to the street, in everything from coats and suits to sneakers and belts. 
And we're not talking about your traditional 'Military Surplus' cargo pant. The familiar pattern has been applied and fitted to accommodate new styles and cuts. Slim fit cargo pants with a tailored fit are a modern update to the traditional loose military cut. 
Camo detailing is a sure fire way to add this trend to your wardrobe, with minimal risk. Shirts and outerwear with camo lapels or cuffs add a pop of this print or add your own camo accent with a hat, belt, or all-over camo print shoe.
And don't be afraid to deviate from the traditional green and olive tones. We've seen the pattern morph from greens to blues to pinks and transform from traditional blotches to pixelated squares and swirly foliage. 
One thing is certain: Camo is an easy way to add a fun, masculine edge to every outfit.



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