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Brick & Mortar Trends: Leopard/Animal Print

Written by Stephen Fogg


Posted on September 24 2013

Animal prints are being spotted everywhere and are as popular today in men's wear as they are in women's. "Animal prints are too daring for me!", you may be saying. But take another look at how they're showing up today. There's so many ways to incorporate this trend into your everyday. It definitely adds an instant "rocker" appeal.



On the runway we've seen animal prints in full force in Marc Jacobs, peppered in accents in Burberry, and boldly used John Varvatos and Louis Vuitton.



"But how does that translate to me, on the street, everyday?" you may ask. An easy way to integrate animal prints is to start with accessories. An animal print sock, hat, or sneaker even can add that bit of flare to your everyday clothes. It really is the perfect accent this season and designers and fashion houses are making it easy to incorporate it into your wardrobe to varying degrees.



A really easy to way to embrace this trend in a slightly bolder way is an all over leopard/animal print shirt. Pair it with a some pants or jeans and you're ready to get wild. Or dress down a blazer with a button-down animal print. 




And remember, animal prints can take on new and exciting looks today. Think turquoise or red leopard print or even purple zebra! 



Animal prints maintain a masculine, raw edge (when done right) and can really add a sexy, wild element to your outfit.



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