Elastic Cuffs!

Written by Stephen Fogg


Posted on November 07 2013

So I've seen this trend at a lot of the shows and at first I was like "AGHH! the worst of the 80's!" But after the initial shock, (and after my boyfriend brought home a pair) I started to realize how friggin' cool these were.




So you know that low-tops are what's up right now, cute Van's, fun prints (See Animal Print, Floral Print) and elastic cuff pants are a really excellent way to showcase your shoe, and be trendy at the same time.



It also feels very LA, California-style to me. Casual, laid-back, a little sporty.


Some of the cuffs elastic bands are subtle, I like the intentional variety. I mean if you're gonna do it, do it. I'd make sure the pants are a slim fit (I don't want no Alladin pants). I'm also seeing it in more sporty materials, (think gym pants, but not the tailored fleece gym-pant we've seen, soft materials, Publish Brand) which are pretty cool, and a little more urban.



Make it a little dressy by choosing a slack or chino and pairing it with a dressier shoe. 




It's a fun look, it make's your shoes the star and adds a little touch of "I know what's up." 


Get this look:



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