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February MAGIC Trade Show Trend Report

Written by Guest


Posted on March 19 2016

By Jose Hernandez

MAGIC is the largest trade show in the world, which showcases apparel, footwear, accessories, and manufacturing. The first event was inaugurated in 1933 by the Men’s Apparel Guild in California, hence the MAGIC acronym. Today, MAGIC is held twice a year: February & August. During these trade shows, designers, apparel manufacturers, and sourcing companies all showcase their newest product. Their goal is to have buyers submit purchase orders for their lines.


Many people are familiar with fashion shows, but not as familiar with the purpose of trade shows. A fashion show is a promotional event meant to generate buzz about a collection. The collection is carefully styled and curated by the designer to convey a general theme, inspiration, or concept. During a trade show, the complete collection is available for preview and buyers come to see it and place purchase orders. This includes additional styles, colors, and fabrics that you may not see in a fashion show. Buyers can include anything from brick and mortar boutiques to big department store retailers.


Last month, I was able to attend the February trade show. During the February show, brands showcase their Fall/Winter collections. This is done several months in advance, so that their production managers can plan for the proper quantities to manufacture and be able to deliver product in time for the season. The trade show is held in Las Vegas, NV. Within MAGIC, there are several areas or shows that one can attend.


My focus during the trade show was to pickup on the trends from different brands and designers for the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons. Here are some of the highlights:


  1. 80’s: Oversized garments have been trending for a few seasons, but we’re starting to see many of the 80’s elements come back for Fall/Winter. Specifically, longer coats, pants that are looser at the thighs and tapered in the ankle. Billy Reid has several amazing pieces. The collection is available for viewing online:

 80s Mens February Magic Trend

  1. Knit Denim: Despite evolving over time to adopt flexible properties, denim has always maintained its traditional twill construction. In other words, the construction of the fabric has not changed. This season, I was able to preview several denim knit pants, the biggest benefit being comfort, without compromising the look. One of the brands carrying this new variation on denim is Mavi Jeans. Stich’s has an example of this type of construction in their website:


  1. Cuff Jeans: This is something that’s starting to be seen on the streets of Los Angeles and some of the brands at MAGIC showcased. Denim pants with a rock & roll vibe and thick cuffs at the bottom. Think James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause.

 Cuffed Jeans February Magic Trend

  1. Trucker Jackets: Utilitarian styling features will begin to become popular during Fall/Winter 2016/17, but will really pick up in Spring/Summer 2017. Cargo pockets were seen trending by several designers. J. Lideberg had a few trucker jackets in gray, black, and silver. You can preview their collection online:

 Trucker Jackets February Magic Trend

  1. Color: In terms of color palettes, there were several tones of gray, black, some muted mustard yellows, dark reds. Overall a darker palette, but still rich in color. You can get a peek of a color trend report here:


For more information on MAGIC, you can visit their website at:



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