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Time to Make a Splash!

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Posted on May 27 2016

By Jose Hernandez

Time to Make a Splash! 2Eros Swimwear.

As Memorial Day weekend approaches and we welcome swimsuit season, it’s time to talk about swimsuits!

This year, there are three main types of swimsuits we’ll be seeing out on the beach and in pools near you: the swim brief, the square cut brief, and the swim shorts. 

Here’s the breakdown:


Show me what you got.
The swim brief game is strong as always. This swimsuit is cut just like underwear briefs, covering your jewels and bum. It’s a great option for guys who like to show off.


Different companies define the term brief differently. Some designs cover more, some cover less. Some companies also label them as sungas (which really translates to swim briefs in Portuguese.)


Square Cut Swim Briefs


Dare to be square!
Also known as swim trunks, the square cut briefs tend to have a similar build to that of the bikini brief, but they cover down to the leg opening. They tend to be little more flattering than a swim brief style, especially for those with leaner builds. 


Swim Trunks


Who wears short shorts?
This summer’s hottest trend is the short swim trunks. Evoking 70’s and 80’s athletic wear, the short swim trunks are a great fit for all body types. These shorts sit snug just below the waist and are cut at the upper mid-thigh. They are looser than the bikini and square briefs, but still tighter than your regular pair of athletic shorts. They are versatile enough to be worn in the streets. 


Although we saw them start to make waves last year, this year they have become more popular amongst the trendy swimwear companies.


What’s the color trend?

If you want to make sure you’re on top of your swimsuit game this year, grab a pair with a geometric pattern. For colors, we’re seeing lots of greens, yellows, blues, purples, grays, white, and black.

It’s great to have so many fun options for the summer! Find what makes you comfortable, sexy, and prepared to make a splash in the next pool or beach event you attend!



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