Brands We Love: Poster List August 17 2018, 0 Comments

If you've been in the store over the last couple of years, you'll know that The Poster List is a staple on our racks. We love the simple, SoCal graphics and the soft, vintage fits of their tees and tanks. Their designs are always flawless and chill; they really capture the aesthetic of the Southern Cali t-shirt culture. We did a mini interview with owner and designer, Adam.

The Poster List

How'd you get started in the tee biz?
I started doing xeroxed skateboarding zines in the mid 80’s when I was 15. The design was cut and paste, no computers, all hand work. It was so fun. Skateboarding was and is a huge life influence. That and surfing and punk rock.

I was also an agency art director and did a ton of corporate work for GM, Acura, Home Depot, Proctor & Gamble. I went full time with The Poster List in 2006.

What inspires you?
Good design, sometimes bad design…haha. Music (everything from Classic rock to hip hop to metal to country…everything!). Typography, architecture, California, skateboarding, beach culture, the 80’s, the desert, vintage vehicles, good human beings, travel, vintage surf mags.

Where do you get the ideas for your designs?
I write down notes and do newspaper clippings. Photos (i’m constantly taking photos) which then become ideas for designs or designs themselves. I read design annuals, I get inspired by movies. And also, my wife hahaha!

What's in the future for you and The Poster List?
I want to continue to do what I love: surf, play music, design, hang with Jax, our awesome pug. I want to have fun; take it seriously but not too seriously.
 The Poster List

Thanks Adam! We love your shirts and look forward to new styles every month!!

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Brands We Love: Curbside February 05 2018, 0 Comments

We discovered Curbside a few years back and were immediately blown away by their graphics. We realized immediately this wasn’t just another graphic tee company. Each design looked like a work of art, because THEY ARE! Curbside works with artists who create gorgeous visuals and artwork worthy of framing. We always like to say, it’s not just a t-shirt its a piece of wearable art. Pair that concept with super soft and comfy tee and you have a winning combination.

Curbside Tees at Brick & Mortar

From Curbside:

Curbside Clothing grew from the hunger of world travel, cultural immersion, and raw creativity. What began as a spontaneous trip around the globe, slowly developed into a community of professional artists communicating life's experiences through original art, and using clothing as the canvas.

We are a community of artists, visually communicating experiences through our original art, silk screened on only the softest t shirts, tank tops, long sleeves, hoodies, wall art, etc. All of our designs are created through the artistic expressions of drawing, painting, photography, street art, graphic art, and anything else we manage to get our hands on. We take pride in the philosophy “less is more” and constantly bring a new vision to graphic t shirts.

A curb may be a slab of concrete, but it's also the pulse and culture of a community. Walking, waiting, living, creating, life happens curbside.

Some of Our Favorite Curbside Artists:

Dave Koenig

Dave Koenig is a prolific painter and tattooist currently living and working in Omaha, Nebraska and Dania Beach, Florida. His art has been exhibited at tattoo conventions, festivals and art galleries throughout the world including Into the Woods Fine Art Gallery in Dania Beach, Florida, Hope Gallery in Connecticut, as well as The New BLK, In Common and Bemis Underground in Omaha, NE. He also now a part of the Unicycle Brand artist coalition. Dave has been tattooing, both locally and internationally, since 2001. His home base is currently at Tenth Sanctum Tattoos in Omaha, Nebraska, and at Into the Woods in Dania, Florida. Other professional studios Dave has worked at include Iron Brush Tattoo, Studio XIII, True Love, Off the Map, Nite owl, Cast Iron Tattoo and Arctic Tattoo in Tromso, Norway. Working with a wide range of mediums from Ink and water color to large scale acrylic, Dave maintains a controlled looseness of line work and a delicate treatment of color. Although heavily influenced by Japan’s historic culture and use of patterns, his work also reflects the imagery and antiquity of both Traditional Americana and Art Nouveau.



J Barnett

J Barnett

J Barnett has always worked in art related fields. After attending the Creative Center and receiving an Associates degree in illustration and visual arts, he worked in the graphic design field for 7 years. It was not until receiving his first tattoo by Jeremy Cruz, that he considered tattooing as a career option. After careful research J began his 2 year apprenticeship. Along with tattooing J also paints using a wide range of mediums. From large scale watercolors to motorcycle helmets. His artwork has displayed at several art openings such as the New BLK, the Sweatshop, and several First Friday art events in which he also curated.



Mike Zimmerman

Mike Zimmerman

When Mike Zimmerman was younger, he played a lot of video games and dreamed of someday making art for them. But as he got older, Mike's interests switched to music and and he decided he wanted to create gig posters and album covers. Today, when he isn't composing music or creating artwork for Curbside, Mike is designing shirts and album covers for different bands. Many of the kinds of abstract ideas and styles that are found in the music world can be found in Mike's art, which he creates by taking vintage imagery and retooling them in new and inventive ways that are often surreal.

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Time to Make a Splash! May 27 2016, 0 Comments

By Jose Hernandez

Time to Make a Splash! 2Eros Swimwear.

As Memorial Day weekend approaches and we welcome swimsuit season, it’s time to talk about swimsuits!

This year, there are three main types of swimsuits we’ll be seeing out on the beach and in pools near you: the swim brief, the square cut brief, and the swim shorts. 

Here’s the breakdown:


Show me what you got.
The swim brief game is strong as always. This swimsuit is cut just like underwear briefs, covering your jewels and bum. It’s a great option for guys who like to show off.


Different companies define the term brief differently. Some designs cover more, some cover less. Some companies also label them as sungas (which really translates to swim briefs in Portuguese.)


Square Cut Swim Briefs


Dare to be square!
Also known as swim trunks, the square cut briefs tend to have a similar build to that of the bikini brief, but they cover down to the leg opening. They tend to be little more flattering than a swim brief style, especially for those with leaner builds. 


Swim Trunks


Who wears short shorts?
This summer’s hottest trend is the short swim trunks. Evoking 70’s and 80’s athletic wear, the short swim trunks are a great fit for all body types. These shorts sit snug just below the waist and are cut at the upper mid-thigh. They are looser than the bikini and square briefs, but still tighter than your regular pair of athletic shorts. They are versatile enough to be worn in the streets. 


Although we saw them start to make waves last year, this year they have become more popular amongst the trendy swimwear companies.


What’s the color trend?

If you want to make sure you’re on top of your swimsuit game this year, grab a pair with a geometric pattern. For colors, we’re seeing lots of greens, yellows, blues, purples, grays, white, and black.

It’s great to have so many fun options for the summer! Find what makes you comfortable, sexy, and prepared to make a splash in the next pool or beach event you attend!

The low-down on shorts… July 01 2014, 0 Comments

Who wears short shorts? Apparently everyone does.


2014 has been all about highlighting, not hiding, the male body. From tailored pants and skinny jeans to fitted shirts, men have evolved into a place in fashion (straight or gay) where we can say, this is my body and we’re not afraid of it.


So this summer, it won’t be any different. It is the summer of short shorts, as below the knee shorts are officially over. I personally LOVE short season, men’s legs are one of their sexiest features. AND don’t get me started on a nice pair of calves! There are so many styles of shorts out there, which show off my favorite feature, so let’s take a look at how to pull them off.


Following the trend of men’s tailoring, the tailored short is a popular choice for summer. Slim leg, tailored through the hip and thigh, and cut above the knee, these shorts can be dressed up with a button down and bow-tie or done brunch-casual with a polo. These can also be paired with a blazer, as the short suit has made it’s way off the runway and into the real world this year.



It’s a great look for all body types, just make sure the look is fitted and not tight. Make sure there’s a little room in the leg opening (you don’t wanna look like a sausage casing), but not so much that you’ll look like your dad.  And, as always, have fun with color or prints. We’ve seen a lot of great options for this, from wallpaper floral prints to bright blues and pinks.


The slim-leg walk short is more casual form of the tailored short. Similar cut, but slightly more casual materials. It gives me a little more of a surfer/skater feel, which is perfect for that California look. Just be careful: surfer/skater can come off as age 17/18, so make sure you’re choosing  shorts and pairing them with shirts that are age appropriate!



The mid-thigh short-short is HUGE this summer. So hopefully, you’ve been doing your squats all winter. I live near USC, so it’s interesting to see what the “kids” are wearing around campus. And let me tell you, they’re not that afraid to be showing some leg; frat boy and book geek alike.


This is a huge seller for us in the swimwear arena, but you can carry it over into a casual summer look with a pair of low-tops and a simple white shirt and wear it proud!



So these are the biggest trends we’ve spotted; it doesn’t mean they’re the only options. I’ve seen other reports on the over-sized short, but I’m not  a huge fan. For me, I’m following these two rules: keep it above the knee, and have fun. It’s summer for god’s sake!


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Short Sleeved Button-Downs (…and that top button!) May 03 2014, 0 Comments

Short sleeved button-downs are on trend again for summer! Button-down shirts in general have always been staple in men’s fashion, instantly adding a little dressy, refinement to any outfit, paired with jeans or pants!


Short Sleeved Button Downs Men's Summer Style Joe Jonas wears his collar buttoned

The key to making a short sleeved button-down cool, (and not looking like a tech nerd) is in the styling and fit.


  1. Fit - Make sure your shirt fits you. The shirt’s sleeve seams should meet your shoulder. If the seam is too far in, you’ll look like the Hulk. Too far out, you’ll look sloppy. For the sleeve opening, you ultimately want it to be slightly larger than your bicep (enough for room, but slim enough so it doesn’t look oversized.)  An easy fix here and trend for summer is to roll the sleeve up a couple times, it creates a fitted look and shows off them guns. If you’re really serious about fit, spend a couple dollars at the tailor (yes, you should have a tailor) and get a couple darts to put in the back, or have the sides taken in so the shirt isn’t billowing.
  2. Collars – There are a lot of collar options out there, and a lot of options that are in style right now. Probably the only one I would avoid is that giant 70’s collar. Give it some time, I’m sure it’ll come back around, but right now, the trend is on tailored, slim, slick (keep those keywords in mind) I personally enjoy a slim collar, or a button-down collar. They both feel very modern and on trend.
  3. Color/Print – Colors are simple. Choose colors that compliment your low-top shoes or sneakers, or if you’re wearing a fun sock, match to that! Have fun, it’s summer. Prints are definitely IN for summer. Micro-floral, busy prints, stripes, small polka dots…don’t be afraid: pair it with denim or khaki (shorts or pants) and you’ll be set! It’s a smaller area of fabric so it can be busier!

Short sleeved shirts buttoned top buttonFitted men's short sleeved shirts for summerShort Sleeved Button Downs Men's Summer Style 


OK lastly, let’s talk about styling. We already addressed rolling up the sleeve. This is especially effective if your shirt has a contrast side to the material (i.e. a dark denim shirt has that light denim underside when rolled) Plus it helps define some bicep/tricep action; which is never a bad thing.


The top button: to button or not to button? That is the question! Granted, it is a little “hipster” to button that top button, but then again, a little hipster is in! I personally LOVE it. I think it takes some everyday outfits to a much cleaner, sophisticated “street-style” level. (Like if TimeOut New York was gonna take your picture for their “man on the street” section. You can tell I’m a New Yorker, I still think about these things when getting dressed. “What if Time Out NY saw me in this outfit? Would they photograph it?”)


Me in my floral short sleeve shirtCasual short sleeve shirt

When it’s buttoned all the way, I even like to add a necklace on the outside; a thick(ish) gold chain on the outside of my buttoned-up black floral print shirt, a longer silver pendant (from King Baby) on the outside of a short sleeved denim shirt. Ultimately though, you HAVE to feel confident in this. Otherwise you will come off looking like a Poindexter, and that’s just geeky.


Be sure to check out all the short sleeved button-downs we have in store!