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Neo-Vintage, Old is New!

Written by Stephen Fogg


Posted on September 21 2016

MAGIC, the world’s largest fashion retail trade show, happened last month, and man, did we order some awesome stuff! Aside from seeing our favorite brands like Oxford Lads, Inimigo, and Mavi, we picked up some exciting new, brands like Puma Accessories and Psycho Bunny, plus we’ll be carrying 2Xist again come Spring.


So this year, as we walked the show, I tried to look for some recurring themes; some cool trends. Last year was all about “gym luxe” and elevated sports looks with funky zippers and details. And while that trend is still going strong, there was something new! Well, something new that looked old.

Neo Vintage at MAGIC Tradeshow

Neo-Vintage! A huge sign telling us about the show trends read: “Neo-Vintage: New Items that feel like old favorites appeal to consumers’ sense of discovery. Global influences and hand-crafted details elevate pieces from everyday apparel to wearable artifacts.” The last line makes me feel like a clothing archeologist, but regardless, the looks were “worn-in” for sure.


I love it! Clothes that have a lived in look; worn and torn. It just LOOKS comfortable! Like your favorite sweater or jacket! We’ve already seen some of this creeping in this fall, with shredded denim and shirts, destroyed hemlines on tees and frayed edges. So keep an eye out for more of this look this coming year.


In denim, there’s a lot of destruction going on. Rustic Dime, one of our favorite brands, is giving us denim with bleach splatters and completely destroyed and patched legs. And if shredding isn’t your thing, you can still get into the look with a vintage wash. Mavi has a few of those coming this Spring as well.

Shredded, Vintage Denim

Bomber jackets were a huge trend. It seemed like everyone had their version, yet every one seemed like that cool bomber jacket you had in your closet in college. Well, if you still have it, dust it off! If not, look for vintage, army styling or try a new silhouette in silk with embroidery.

Bomber Jackets

And finally, patches played into the whole neo-vintage trend. Look for shirts, jackets and denim with cool sewn patches, or embroidered patch details that give the pieces a vintage piece of flair!  We’ll be carrying Cohesive, who’s giving us super cool sweatshirts and tees with patch details.

Patches, New-Vintage trend

Be sure to check out Brick & Mortar as we bring you the best for Spring 2017!



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