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The low-down on shorts…

Written by Stephen Fogg


Posted on July 01 2014

Who wears short shorts? Apparently everyone does.


2014 has been all about highlighting, not hiding, the male body. From tailored pants and skinny jeans to fitted shirts, men have evolved into a place in fashion (straight or gay) where we can say, this is my body and we’re not afraid of it.


So this summer, it won’t be any different. It is the summer of short shorts, as below the knee shorts are officially over. I personally LOVE short season, men’s legs are one of their sexiest features. AND don’t get me started on a nice pair of calves! There are so many styles of shorts out there, which show off my favorite feature, so let’s take a look at how to pull them off.


Following the trend of men’s tailoring, the tailored short is a popular choice for summer. Slim leg, tailored through the hip and thigh, and cut above the knee, these shorts can be dressed up with a button down and bow-tie or done brunch-casual with a polo. These can also be paired with a blazer, as the short suit has made it’s way off the runway and into the real world this year.



It’s a great look for all body types, just make sure the look is fitted and not tight. Make sure there’s a little room in the leg opening (you don’t wanna look like a sausage casing), but not so much that you’ll look like your dad.  And, as always, have fun with color or prints. We’ve seen a lot of great options for this, from wallpaper floral prints to bright blues and pinks.


The slim-leg walk short is more casual form of the tailored short. Similar cut, but slightly more casual materials. It gives me a little more of a surfer/skater feel, which is perfect for that California look. Just be careful: surfer/skater can come off as age 17/18, so make sure you’re choosing  shorts and pairing them with shirts that are age appropriate!



The mid-thigh short-short is HUGE this summer. So hopefully, you’ve been doing your squats all winter. I live near USC, so it’s interesting to see what the “kids” are wearing around campus. And let me tell you, they’re not that afraid to be showing some leg; frat boy and book geek alike.


This is a huge seller for us in the swimwear arena, but you can carry it over into a casual summer look with a pair of low-tops and a simple white shirt and wear it proud!



So these are the biggest trends we’ve spotted; it doesn’t mean they’re the only options. I’ve seen other reports on the over-sized short, but I’m not  a huge fan. For me, I’m following these two rules: keep it above the knee, and have fun. It’s summer for god’s sake!


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