Sports Luxe - Out of the Gym and Onto the Street February 04 2015, 0 Comments

You’ve most likely seen it by now: “dressy” sweatpants, fleece bomber jackets, or sparkling clean running shoes paired with a suit. If you haven’t, then let me introduce you to Sport Luxe (or Sporty Chic). It first appeared in a major way on the runways in 2012 when designers like Calvin Klein and Alexander Wang showcased sportswear elements into their shows. By mixing the best of sportwear (the comfort of sweats, the structure of fleece and vinyl) and pairing it with modern slim cuts, in more traditional colors you can create a look that’s appropriate for the street and inspired by the gym. From FashionBeans August 2012 article on Sports Luxe: “The element of luxury lay in the fabric and the cut, with garish neons being replaced with well placed zips and asymmetrical lines.” And now, in 2015 it’s still on and evolving.


Let’s start with gym pants, or sweats. They’re no longer resigned to lifting weights or running! Instead their appearing in clean, slim cuts with meticulous tailoring and details. Paired with a denim vest or an oversized graphic tee, they’ve now moved into the realm of high street fashion. The fit is most important when trying to achieve the Sport Luxe look. This is not sloppy or lazy. A slim tailored cut will provide a modern, clean look that remains comfortable. I’ve seen some great motocross hybrid action happen in the sweatpants realm. So look for reinforced stitching in the knees and cool zippers along the cuff.


While we’re on pants: there’s some great things happening in shorts in Sports Luxe as well! Again: modern slim fits, cut above the knee, but in sporty materials. We’ve seen some great mesh shorts with sublimated tonal graphics coming down the line this spring. And what’s great about Sports Luxe and shorts is that you can mix things like sweaters and button-down shirts with shorts to make a totally appropriate Southern California street styled outfit!


Another key look to come out of the Sports Luxe trend is the bomber jacket. Not just for the varsity team, these short cropped jackets with ribbed waist and cuff are totally fashion forward in materials like vinyl, leather or floral and animal prints. Pair a floral bomber with a slim pair of black sweats with a white button down for a perfect Sports Luxe look.


The final key to making this look work is the right accessories. Leave your headband and old tennis shoes at home for this look. Make sure to have clean, pristine sneakers or a pair of cool boat shoes. Leather or animal print (but not garish) baseball caps are definitely part of this look. And don’t forget long pendant necklaces and/or beaded and leather bracelets. It’s all about the juxtaposition of gym to luxury.


The low-down on shorts… July 01 2014, 0 Comments

Who wears short shorts? Apparently everyone does.


2014 has been all about highlighting, not hiding, the male body. From tailored pants and skinny jeans to fitted shirts, men have evolved into a place in fashion (straight or gay) where we can say, this is my body and we’re not afraid of it.


So this summer, it won’t be any different. It is the summer of short shorts, as below the knee shorts are officially over. I personally LOVE short season, men’s legs are one of their sexiest features. AND don’t get me started on a nice pair of calves! There are so many styles of shorts out there, which show off my favorite feature, so let’s take a look at how to pull them off.


Following the trend of men’s tailoring, the tailored short is a popular choice for summer. Slim leg, tailored through the hip and thigh, and cut above the knee, these shorts can be dressed up with a button down and bow-tie or done brunch-casual with a polo. These can also be paired with a blazer, as the short suit has made it’s way off the runway and into the real world this year.



It’s a great look for all body types, just make sure the look is fitted and not tight. Make sure there’s a little room in the leg opening (you don’t wanna look like a sausage casing), but not so much that you’ll look like your dad.  And, as always, have fun with color or prints. We’ve seen a lot of great options for this, from wallpaper floral prints to bright blues and pinks.


The slim-leg walk short is more casual form of the tailored short. Similar cut, but slightly more casual materials. It gives me a little more of a surfer/skater feel, which is perfect for that California look. Just be careful: surfer/skater can come off as age 17/18, so make sure you’re choosing  shorts and pairing them with shirts that are age appropriate!



The mid-thigh short-short is HUGE this summer. So hopefully, you’ve been doing your squats all winter. I live near USC, so it’s interesting to see what the “kids” are wearing around campus. And let me tell you, they’re not that afraid to be showing some leg; frat boy and book geek alike.


This is a huge seller for us in the swimwear arena, but you can carry it over into a casual summer look with a pair of low-tops and a simple white shirt and wear it proud!



So these are the biggest trends we’ve spotted; it doesn’t mean they’re the only options. I’ve seen other reports on the over-sized short, but I’m not  a huge fan. For me, I’m following these two rules: keep it above the knee, and have fun. It’s summer for god’s sake!


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